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Hi, I’m Tom Stroobants 🐱‍🐉 I live in Belgium with my wife and son. Currently I am a AWS Cloud Developer/Architect with some brownie points in EKS (Kubernetes) and Terraform.

I am also a certified electrician! ⚡ and currently learning carpentry 🌳

What’s up with this website?

The whole website is written in Markdown. After that I render it with the help of pandoc and a custom script I wrote to dynamically generate the posts section. The website is completely made for having a low footprint and very fast loading. Also I suck at CSS and actually kinda dig the old school look. I migrated from Wordpress. Even though Wordpress was nice, even a simplistic theme was bigger than the ebooks I’m reading and even though I was a paying customer the selection of themes was very limited and plugins were… non-existant except the few you were allowed to have.

I can’t promise the whole site stays javascript free but if I use javascript I will have thought about it for a long time.

No cookies, no tracking. I look at visitation numbers in my Cloudflare portal. This whole website is smaller than one page of the modern web.


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