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A collection of websites, books, articles,… I’ve read but also want to be reminded of

Title Description Keywords
Basics of Pointers and arrays in C C, reverse engineering, memory
The 5 minute guide to c pointers C, reverse engineering, memory
Interactive guide to Buffer Overflow exploitation Buffer overflow, exploit, reverse engineering
This is Going to Hurt medical student, biography, humor 9781509858637
Backdoored Browser Extensions Hid Malicious Traffic in Analytics Requests Chrome, extension, reverse engineering
in-depth dive into the security features of the Intel/Windows platform secure boot process intel, secure boot, reverse engineering
UPX Anti-Unpacking Techniques in IoT Malware upx, obfuscation, reverse engineering
Cloud FinOps by J.R. Storment, Mike Fuller finops, cloud, aws 9781492054610
The Last Wish witcher, fantasy 9781473231061
Sword of Destiny witcher, fantasy 9781473231085
Blood of Elves witcher, fantasy 9781473231078


Hi, I’m Tom Stroobants 🐱‍🐉 I live in Belgium with my wife and son. Currently I am a AWS Cloud Developer/Architect with some brownie points in EKS (Kubernetes) and Terraform.

I am also a certified electrician! ⚡ abd currently learning carpentry 🌳

What’s up with this website?

The whole website is written in Markdown. After that I render it with the help of pandoc and a custom script I wrote to dynamically generate the posts section. The website is completely made for having a low footprint and very fast loading. Also I suck at CSS and actually kinda dig the old school look. I migrated from Wordpress. Even though Wordpress was nice, even a simplistic theme was bigger than the ebooks I’m reading and even though I was a paying customer the selection of themes was very limited and plugins were… non-existant except the few you were allowed to have.

I can’t promise the whole site stays javascript free but if I use javascript I will have thought about it for a long time.

No cookies, no tracking. I look at visitation numbers in my Cloudflare portal. This whole website is smaller than one page of the modern web.


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