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Today on HN there was a post about uBlacklist which is a cool extension that filters out your Google and other search engines results. You can subscribe to filter lists and enjoy to see a more curated search result list.

Now. This is also possible in uBlock Origin and as I mostly use DuckDuckGo and Google I decided to create my own curated list with websites that I encounter that use these black practices (aka copy content, edit it automatically or not at all, use some dark SEO practices, get higher results).

The list can be found on GitHub under the name “uBlock Origin - Shitty Copy-Paste websites filter”.

You can import it into your uBlock with the following steps

  1. Open uBlock Origin settings
  2. Open the tab Filter lists and scroll all the way down
  3. In the custom section press Import and add the URL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stroobants-dev/ublock-origin-shitty-copies-filter/main/combined-list.txt
  4. Press Apply Changes in the top left and optionally Update now

I’ve also organized it under multiple files so you can decide if you only want the Google-search filter, or if you want to block the shitty spam websites altogether,…

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